Kunkasha Social Enterprise Group


株式会社 薫化舎(旧薫化舎コンサルタンツ)

Kunkasha  Co., Ltd.







 有料職業紹介事業 許可番号 27-ユ-303351

Our mission

Our mission is to solve the social problems of individuals, families, schools, private/public sectors, societies, and governments and help them  create better lives/societies/countries through our evidence-based programs.

*We specialize in various social issues, such as social maladaptation, juvenile delinquency and crime prevention, by providing expertly advises and our world-class program which is evidence-based in Criminology,  Socio-neurology, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Psychology etc.

* We support to solve problems of individual-level to national-level.

We have a clear and simple set of values —we believe that every person has second chance if only they acquire the appropriate program that meets their individual needs. We also believe the evidence-based practice is the best way to improve society/nation in consideration of cost-benefits.

Let us help and support you change!


 *It is a fact that the recovery from drug dependency requires general scientific intervention based on individual needs.

*It is a fact that whether our client is individual/family/private sector/society/government etc. each risk factor domains(i.e. individual, family, school, peer group, community) must be analyzed to set Kunkasha’s evidence-based programs.

*It is a fact that impeccable individual/family/society make the country more prosperous.


We will provide these practical solutions and programs.


Let us help and support you change!